Gareth Pugh Biography

Gareth Pugh is the new “enfant terrible of fashion”. Essential London Fashion Week, the British designer has collections offset, non-standard or even indecent, inspired by the universe and Gothic rock.
Gareth Pugh is a precocious child fashion. At age 14, he began working as a costume designer for the English National Youth Theatre. A few years later, he studied fashion design at City of Sunderland College, and graduated in Design from Central Saint Martins in London in 2003. His collection of end of study, using balloons, was noticed by an editor of Dazed & Confused, which decides to appear in one of his magazine.

Two months later, Gareth Pugh participates in the reality TV show The Fashion House. Experience he feels “horrible” but allows “not to be unemployed,” and especially to talk about him. In autumn 2005, Gareth Pugh is invited to present a collection during Fashion Parade East Group. In just four weeks, without money and without assistant, he manages to create a couture collection that will speak much in the fashion world.

With this new success, Gareth Pugh paraded for the first time at Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2006 London, an appointment which he has’nt been missed since. Under the flashes of lights, this young designer does not take long to feel. I must say that his style is the antithesis of the traditional fashion. Inspired by punk and Gothic universe, but also video games and film, he drew creations made of leather, black pins. Volumes indecent and sculptural forms atypical cuts fetishists, the creations of young faithful to the London clubbing culture Boombox are worthy of the best science fiction movies. Each of his shows is a show, a show patiently waited by the critics.

His creations majestic and anti-conformists are adopted by all the headlines of fashion. Vogue UK, for example, described his Spring-Summer 2007 fashion show of “incredible show not to be missed”, considering the talent of the creator of “undeniable genius.” The editor of the American version of Vogue Anna Wintour is itself a fervent admirer of the work of Gareth Pugh. Subjugating the Autumn-Winter 2008-2009 fashion show wants offbeat, unconventional, unexpected.

Until summer 2007, the collections of Gareth Pugh pieces that are taking part in a fashion show. The Spring-Summer collection 2007 is a turning point for the designer, who sells from its collections. A revolution in Gareth Pugh, and especially a great success! If the shows remain  performances worthy of science fiction – for example, its Autumn-Winter 2008-2009 fashion show featuring models with gray faces and long braids Celtic – out of context parade her creations can be made the daily by people determined to look remarkable.

Since 2007, many stars have succumbed to the Gothic style and futuristic fashion English. Kylie Minogue has repeatedly worn creations from Pugh during his tours (including one remembers her outfits worn during her Showgirl tour, The Homecoming Tour, promotional clip from his album Overpowered or cover its singles Let Me Know and In My Arms). R’n’b singer Beyonce is also a fan of Pugh’s creations, she has repeatedly brought her creations on stage.

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