I recently discover the amazing designer Cesare Casadei …The shoes are so original …I really loved going through the website


Here`s a little biography if you don`t know him yet

Cesare Casadei is the son of a famous foot-maker and manager of the best Italian footwear factories Quinto Casadei. He studied Sciences in the Swiss college, then acquired knowledge of economics at Bologna University. After the studies he joined his father’s company where he took up marketing combining work with journeys all over the world.

Cesare admits that the experience he obtained in other countries, study of culture and traditions helped him find himself, his own style and become, at last, a true designer.

His first models Cesare implemented in unexpected colour combinations and instantaneously won the success of the public. It is no incidental either that the first show-rooms Cesare opened in his favourite New York – centre of culture, design and new trends in the late 70-s. The place where the most roaring secular events are held and where the most advanced people of the world live. In 1994 Cesare becomes Art Director of the company.

First of all he is searching for new ways of promoting the brand and works out different publicity strategies. Such world famous photographers work for Casadei as Mario Testino, Javier Vallhonrat, Nick Knight and Raymond Meier. His collections become “the hymn” of elegance, extraordinary nature and sensuality. Casadei heroine is a posh, smashing woman one cannot take his eyes off.

His models are creative and ingenuous, they employ hand-embroidery, applique, natural stones, beads and even crystal by Swarovsky.

Besides, Cesare develops his own unique leather processing techniques (with a wide color palette) which makes his company so famous.

Source : http://www.bosco.ru/en/shops/casadei/biography/


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