Brian Atwood Biography

Brian Atwood grew up near Chicago and had a passion for fashion since childhood, admiring the outfits of his mother. He then studied art and architecture before entering the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York to study fashion design. After graduating, he became a model, marching mainly in Europe. However, he continues to think about the creation and carries with him a book he filled with sketches of shoes.

In 1996, he abandoned modeling for Versace joining as a stylist for the Versus line and is the first American designer to be hired by the luxury brand. He left the giant Versace in 2001 to create his own brand. The brand is quickly noticed and Brian Atwood is one of the new darlings of the people, worn by Kate Moss, Scarlett Johansson, Nicole Kindman, Madonna, …

Rewarded for his talent, he received the prize in 2003 Perry Ellis for creating accessories.

Today, the life of Brian Atwood is divided between New York, where the creator lives and Milan where his workshop is located.  Brian Atwood shoes are made in Italy.

Brian Atwood shoes are real jewels on high heels with plenty of detail, vibrant colors and very feminine forms. There are sandals, pumps, boots, wedges, ankle boots …


Actress, Singer, Writer, Director and Producer At MyDestiny Production.

CEO of the Open World Toronto Film Festival and a Shoes junkie!