pura-lopez_22Biography Of Pura Lopez

The story of the brand “Pura Lopez” begins before its creation, when in 1956, the Spanish Antonio López Moreno founded his family business of making shoes.

Pura López, his daughter, born in 1962, took over the company after studying interior architecture and design including the United States at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and Milan in the Ars Studoria specialized school in the design of shoes.

Lopez was growing surrounded by shoes and everything related to shoe production. Her observations and attention to the techniques gave her deep knowledge of the shoe construction and design concepts. Later, in the interview for the Spanish Magazine “Surrealista”, Lopez admitted that she was always attracted by art and creative process but she never really thought to work neither in the shoe industry nor in fashion

Pura Lopez produced each week an average of 1,200 pairs of shoes, requiring 60 operations for each piece.

The brand aims to offer a wide choice to women so they can find the right pair of shoes in all circumstances.

The brand offers different styles of shoes from casual sandal extremely sophisticated piece. But it is probably his high-heeled shoes and sharp points it is best known.

The style evokes fantasy, freshness, multiple forms; all in a retro spirit with high heel  but very comfortable.

In 2007 with “Crystal temptation shoes”, Swarovski presents a collection of shoes encrusted crystals, created by leading designer Pura López.

Nine units of specialized production, including specific equipment where artisans work in perfect knowledge, are necessary to provide the entire range.

Pura López provided the shoes worn by Dona Leticia for her wedding in 2004 to Prince Felipe. She also fitted the Infanta Cristina and her cousin Alexia of Greece for the same occasion.

Many clothing designers rely on the brand to complement their outfits dummies during Cibeles fashion and Gaudi: Andres Sarda, Debota y Lomba, Guillermina Baeza, Javier Larráinzar, Jesus Del Pozo, Joaquin Verdu, Juanjo Oliva, La Perla, Los Pepes, Manuel Pina, Novo y Gonzales, Olga Rios, Palacio y Lemoniez, Plaitex, Roberto Verino, Roberto Torreta, Victorio y Lucchino, Valentin Herraiz.






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