“Christian Louboutin is one of my favorite shoes designers”

Here’s is biography :

In 1975, whilst visiting the African and Oceanic Art Museum, Louboutin noticed a sign forbidding entry to women in stilettos to prevent damage to the wooden flooring. The sign showed a woman’s stiletto shoe with a thorn-like heel slashed with a red line and this image made an impression on the young Louboutin.

From the age of 12 Louboutin would often sneak out of school to visit the flea market of Vila do Conde, or watch Paris famous showgirls performing. Whilst watching dancers, he became convinced that women most often look at their legs in silhouette. It was this inspiration that led him to drop out of school early to pursue his passion for shoe design.

Louboutin received a small amount of training at the Academie Roederer, studying drawing and decorative arts. After travelling for a year in Egypt and India he returned to Paris and produced a design portfolio full of elaborate high heels.  Around this time he also worked as an apprentice at the Folies Bergères – the famous French music hall. This further developed his love of shoes as he said “nobody wears shoes like a dancer on stage”.  He then tutored under Charles Jourdan and freelanced at a range of illustrious ateliers including Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent.

In 1988, Christian Louboutin joined Roger Vivier who at that time was known as the Fabergé of Footwear and who had previously collaborated with the likes of Dior in the 1950s. Under Vivier’s teaching, Louboutin learnt the mastery of making shoes and raised his skills to a new level. Vivier was said to have invented the stiletto or spike heel which so inspired a young Louboutin. The design was named after a slim knife. Louboutin credited Vivier with teaching him the crux of shoe creation and said “the most important part of the shoe is the body and the heel. Like a good bone structure, if you get that right, the rest is makeup”.

At the end of the eighties, Louboutin reportedly turned his hand to garden design for a brief time, before launching his self-named shoe atelier in the early nineties. Christian Louboutin shoes became known for their vibrant colours and exoticism. Louboutin was pivotal in bringing stilettos back into fashion in the nineties and into the 2000s. His wish to “make a woman look sexy, beautiful, to make her legs look as long as I can” has led to towering heels of 12cm or higher. His more opulent eveningwear designs often incorporate embellishment and decoration such as feathers, exotic leathers and jewel encrusted straps.

Famously Louboutin’s trademark is the lipstick red soles of his shoes, which flash into sight when the wearer walks. Like the white flash of an animal’s tail, the red flare of a Louboutin is a striking, come hither signal which has led Louboutin to christen his creations ‘follow me shoes’.  The coloured sole is an iconic symbol of the brand – simple and utterly recognisable. This simplicity coupled with Louboutin’s ability to infuse the spirit of femininity into his shoes, has helped to create one of the most recognizable and coveted luxury shoe brands.

The king of the red-hot shoe may be famous for his sexy killer heels, however he also produces reams of elegant and feminine day and casual shoes inspired by enticing exotic locations, nature and dance. His footwear mirrors his upbringing and is a mixture of culture, art and history.

Today Christian Louboutin shoes can be found in boutiques worldwide as well as on the catwalks for young highly regarded designers such as
Roland Mouret and Rodarte.
Notable celebrity patrons have included Elizabeth Taylor, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane von Furstenberg, Kylie Minogue and Catherine Deneuve.

Christian Louboutin has established himself as one of the top shoe designers in the world. In a poll by the Daily Telegraph, Louboutins were named the most sexy heel with his classic black stiletto being the most popular. Wearing Louboutins makes a woman feel sexy with Louboutin stating his shoes are the “perfect blend of beauty and sex appeal, high enough that they slow women down and give them a sexier gait.”

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